The Glimmering Hush: A Revolution

I listened to “Just Like You” by Keb’ Mo’ over and over again the same way I did when I was working at a coffee shop when I was in college. Keb’ is singing, “I feel just like you and I cry just like you and I heal just like you and I break down just like you,” and I’m wondering if people would actually live their lives differently if they listened to that song every morning before they went out into the world or interacted with other people. The realist in me knows this is absolutely not true, but my heart, I don’t know, thinks maybe it could change the world or something. Even the smallest mercies matter, the revolutions in miniature.

In this penultimate installment of my Oxford American The By and By column, I write abt Donnie Darko and revolutions in miniature. Read it here!